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Complete Beginners Introduction to Guitar

There are thousands upon thousands of guitar tutorials and instructional videos across the internet which can be very overwhelming even for the experienced guitar player! The question is which ones are good, factual, correct, and most importantly relevant!? Luckily for you, I have put together this course which includes all of the essential knowledge you will need to know when starting out! This course is aimed at both acoustic and electric guitar players, with Rhythm and Lead guitar examples to play along with.

I am very confident that this course is the best purchase you could possibly make to kickstart your journey to learning the guitar! I realise that there are many instructional videos out there that are so boring, monotone, and teach things poorly that are even sometimes irrelevant. It can be hard to sift through the majority of those videos to find quality, factual, relevant, enjoyable material. This is why I have decided to compile all of the best and most necessary information into one enjoyable course.

Along with plenty of video content, I also include relevant PDF attachments where necessary. This course can be completed in under a fortnight if you dedicate 15 minutes of practice per day, and you will be able to maintain and improve your new skills by re-applying your new knowledge thereafter.

I guarantee you will complete this course feeling successful and accomplished, and ready to share your new skills with your friends and family!

$44.99AUD $34.99AUD Website Offer Only!

Practical Guitar Theory: Level 1

“Practical Guitar Theory: Level 1” is a comprehensive introduction to guitar theory, tailored for guitarists of all abilities, where I will teach you all of the whys and hows of guitar theory. I will teach you the most useful and important knowledge of guitar playing and I’ll I will also demonstrate how to successfully apply this knowledge to your daily practice which I GUARANTEE you will eagerly incorporate among your daily playing.

It can really take you many years of searching to find the relevant and correct information that you need to improve your guitar playing skills. By investing in this course, you will receive the right information presented in an accurate and fun way, and in the proper, most useful context. With my years of experience and array of positive testimonials and comments from my students, and on my youtube videos, you can be certain that I really know what I’m talking about. Don’t waste time sifting through lessons that may not be teaching you the right or relevant things – “Practical Guitar Theory: Level 1” has you covered!

$64.99AUD $49.99AUD Website Offer Only!

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