Session Work

Whether you’re looking for guitar tracks recorded from my home studio, or a live event – I’ve got you covered! It could be an acoustic guitar performance, a short jingle, a whole track that needs guitars to complete the arrangement, or maybe you have an existing guitar part that you need re-recorded.

  • Session Performance, “School Of Rock” (Musical), Liskeard Community College (2017);
  • Session Performance, “Chess” (Musical), Plymouth Gilbert & Sullivan (2017);
  • Session Performance, Ten Zero One Band Tour, South West UK (2016);
  • Solo Performance, Evening Celebration Entertainment, Architects Design Group (2015);
  • Session Guitarist, Moonage Daydream (Single), Enigma Solicitors (2015);
  • Solo Performance, Ceremony & Evening entertainment at Wedding, Polhilsa Farm (2015);
  • Solo Performance, Ceremony entertainment at Wedding, The Moorland Garden Hotel (2014);
  • Session Performance, Boogie Nights (Musical) Pit Band, Barbican Theatre (2014);
  • Session Guitarist, Tomorrow Is Ours (Single), Alex Dumbiotis (2012);
  • Session Performance,  Grease Performance (Musical) Pit Band, The Sound House (2011);

I have an extensive range of equipment to help me complete sessions whether it be live or in the studio, and can also produce work very quickly within my own home studio.


– Stefano Congiu, Enigma

Why hire me?

I have worked with some delightful people and have a collection of kind testimonials that might help you feel confident in hiring me. Please check them out!

In the studio, creating and recording a full guitar arrangement is sometimes more than just chords, riffs, and solos, so I try to to take the whole sonic landscape into consideration. Using the right sounds as well as the right kind of playing is essential to getting a professional, musical result in the final mix. From my home studio I’m able to offer high quality recordings of quality instruments, fantastic amps and pedals, and a combination of microphones, providing tracks and tones that are tailored especially for your music – and all in an acoustically treated environment.

When performing, preparing appropriate music to suit the theme, location, and audience of the performance is key. This is why I communicate closely with my clients what music will be played on the day of the performance. Whether its for a band, show, wedding, or any other means of entertainment, I can accommodate any situation comfortably.


Obviously it’s up to you where you’d prefer me to work, but there are some benefits of having me work from home in addition to the obvious cost saving and convenience. Working in my own space means that I can work at complete ease. The reduced studio time pressure means I can take a few more risks, and try to really make the track blossom. I have full control and can make sure that I’m capturing my best performances.


When I send you your recordings you should be able to drop them straight into your existing project and have them sounding fantastic in no time at all. In addition to the high quality raw recordings I will often provide a processed version too, with EQ, compression and any ambience and so on that I think is suitable for the track. You can use this as a reference and you may choose to use the processed track immediately. Working this way gives you the choice of making use of my creative experience, or having complete control over the tracks to fit your creative vision. Whatever works for you!

pedalboarddd2HOW IT WORKS

Working with me is quick and easy. Here’s how it often works:


  1. Contact me via my contact page and we can discuss exactly what you’re after. We can talk about what you want, and agree on a brief and a price.
  2. I will provide you with some sample material before expecting a penny from you. Providing you’re happy with what I have to offer, at this point I’ll ask for a deposit via bank transfer.
  3. If possible I will meet you at the location so that we can finalise what will be required.
  4. Once I have completed the job, you can settle the remaining fee by cash, cheque, or bank transfer.


  1. Contact me via my contact page and we can discuss exactly what you’re after. We can talk about what you want, and agree on a brief and a price.
  2. You send me the info/track, I record the guitars and send a sample MP3 for you to review.
  3. Provided you’re happy with it, you then pay me the agreed amount and I send you the finished product.

If you want any revisions or edits in my recording(s), I’ll do them without hassle. I can’t promise unlimited revisions but so long as we’re clear on the brief, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re happy. If the track you’ve asked for is very specific, I’d expect to be hitting that first time, most of the time. If it’s a more vague or creative brief I may send you a rough ‘sketch’ for you to review before attempting the final recording(s).


The guitar tracks you’ll receive from me will be studio-quality 24-bit recordings. I’ve been recording guitars for years and my experience producing and mixing have helped me understand some of the best ways of approaching guitar recording. In addition to great guitars, great amps and effects pedals, a set of good microphones and a high quality Focusrite preamp, I have a selection of superb mixing tools such as EQs, compressors and an array of modulation and other time-based effects, so if you’re looking for a fully produced track I can deliver that too.


For studio work prices for short pieces start at just A$50. For much larger arrangements it can cost anything up to A$250 per piece. Payment is usually made via bank transfer or PayPal. If you want to discuss a price for a bigger session (ie several songs), or if it’s quite simple and you have a tight budget just contact me and we can talk about something that works for you.

Live performances can vary a lot more depending on what I’m required to play, the duration, the location and theme, and the preparation involved. Please contact me with your enquiry and I should be able to give you an accurate quote as soon as I’m available to respond.

If you still have any unanswered questions at this point, just drop me your questions on my contact page and I’ll get back to you asap! 

Click the button below to get in touch regarding any further inquiries and quotes.

"Darryl was very helpful, and a very pleasant young man to deal with. He had a brief from us and delivered on every score."

– Anne Marshall, ADG Plymouth