I was introduced to Darryl through a mutual musician friend of ours in a musical blind date of sorts, having been told that we would be a brilliant pairing for collaboration. And to our mutual friend I have nothing but thanks and gratitude, you were certainly right!

Not only is Darryl an incredibly talented guitarist – I would be as bold as saying one of the best I know hands down not only technically but emotively – but he is a true musician. A real team player with an outstanding skill in his instrument, I have found in our collaborations I can count on him to bring exciting and fresh ideas to the table that sometimes really make my songs come alive, the last piece of the puzzle that they needed. Though we come from very different musical backgrounds, we are always reading from the same song sheet and it is genuinely one of the easiest and productive musical relationships I am lucky enough to be part of.

Through these collaborations Darryl has not only become a valued collaborator, but a dear friend. Hard working, professional, passionate, genuine, a great sense of humour and a truckload of talent to boot, I’m proud and lucky to not only have Darryl in all my upcoming projects (Including the writing and production of my debut EP) but among my closest friends. Top lad!