I am a 23 year old based in Gold Coast, Australia.

I travel, eat, surf, freerun, cycle, yoga, play guitar, and make YouTube videos.


I began playing guitar at the age of 13 after being inspired by my former high school guitar teacher. My first Guitar was given to me on my 13th Christmas, it was a red strat style “Starmaker”. Whilst most of my friends were occupied with the latest trends, girls, nights out in the park, and gaming, I spent every hour possible practicing guitar accompanied with regular lessons until about the age of 17.


As high school was approaching an end, I needed to make some impending career decisions. I was always very passionate about playing guitar so I became committed at this point to begin turning my hobby into my career. My first “job” was in a Pit Band performing disco tunes for the musical “Grease”, which was quite challenging at the time since it involved a lot of sight reading which I was very new to. I then became involved in 3 different bands, which was great fun at the time but I couldn’t foresee a future with any of them. High school had ended and I needed to find a paid job asap to pay my rent. I created a website and advertised guitar lessons in my city. It was a slow start, so I had to get a job in retail whilst I was building my clientele. I couldn’t afford to drive at this point so I would often cycle between students across the city.


At 20 I considered myself to be very competent in the business. I had a range of students, worked as a guitar teacher in two schools, managed to save up for a car, and could go full time as a teacher & session guitarist. I quickly realised that not everybody was into the same music as me, so I forced myself to develop my abilities across a mixture of genres. I spent a lot of time studying Fingerstyle, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Disco, and Metal, as well as maintaining my previous abilities in Pop/Melodic Rock styles. This mixture in genres not only helped me to engage with students with different interests, but also helped me pick up a number of sessions over the years.


Since early adulthood I’ve had some incredible opportunities where I’d performed, and even had lessons, with some of the most talented guitar players on the planet such as Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Nick Johnston, Tom Quayle, Christophe Godin, and Mika Tyyska. These Guitar Players have been very influential in my playing, among many others from a variety of different musical styles. In summer of 2016 I joined the band “Ten Zero One” who are a Melodic Rock band from Tavistock, UK. Together we performed their debut album across the South West of the UK. Notably our biggest and most memorable show was on Plymouth Hoe opening for the British Fireworks Championships, where thousands of people were present.


As 2017 was approaching, I decided to dedicate a lot more of my time into YouTube. Inspired by the feedback I received on YouTube and the enjoyment of making video content, I released two comprehensive online instructional guitar courses at the beginning of 2017. This year was definitely the year of the internet for me, since I’ve spent (and continue to spend) a lot of my time developing my content and following across different social platforms.


2018 entails some of my biggest challenges so far. I have moved from Plymouth, UK, to the city of Gold Coast in Australia; in hope to lead a better quality of life and be among my closest of friends. I have brought all of the skills and experience I’ve developed from the UK and will continue to develop my business on YouTube as well as teaching privately across the city.


I play IBANEZ guitars, D’ADDARIO strings, DIMARZIO pickups, and use DUNLOP picks.

I use BIAS FX by Positive Grid, K&K Trinity Acoustic Preamp & Mic System, and a FOCUSRITE Scarlett 2i2 – both live and in my home studio.

  • IBANEZ — RG Custom, stripped neck, OFR trem, vintage wiring, treble bleed
  • DUNLOP — Jazz III Red 1.38mm
  • D’ADDARIO — EXL120 9-42
  • DIMARZIO — Tone Zone, Cruiser Bridge, Cruiser Neck