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Looking for a more personalised experience in your learning? Consider booking a Skype lesson so that I can give you constructive feedback and goals that will make you level up!

Use this calendar to request a booking for your lesson(s). Lessons are approximately 60 minutes in length. After choosing your slot, you will need to request the booking by completing the checkout process. No payment will be required until I have confirmed your request. If for some reason I’m not able to approve your preferred slot, I will counter-negotiate another date and time with you.

Booking updates will be sent via email, and can also be reviewed anytime via this website after you checkout. Payment is not required until your request has been confirmed.

Please respond to booking updates in good time to avoid the possibility of your slot being taken by someone else. It’s preferred that you book at least a few days in advance, and even for your own benefit it’s always smart to have a goal date confirmed to keep your progress and motivation in motion.

Why Book a Skype lesson?

Lessons will speed up your learning process and ensure that you’re on the right path to your goals. Most people require some form of motivation, guidance, or incentive to maintain steady progress when learning a skill.

I have had Guitar lessons myself, and I can honestly say that it was the best thing that I did for my career. It kept me motivated, inspired, challenged, and hungry for more knowledge and experience. Without lessons, it’s possible that I would’ve let my potential completely fade away.

Lessons with me will be topic-focused towards your goals. We will focus on your musical taste as well as the technique and theory to help you understand the music you are playing. As an experienced musician, I can also help with any queries regarding anything from the basics, to song writing, technique, theory, fretboard visualisation, gear, and anything else that you might have in mind. Not sure what you need to do to progress? No worries! I’m more than happy to ‘take the wheel’ by assessing your playing and provide you with goals and feedback based on your current ability.

No matter where you are in the world, Skype Lessons will allow me to guide you in the right direction to your goals. Just make sure you have a good webcam and good internet then we’re all set. 

Teaching is a skill in itself besides the artistic or technical ability of guitar playing. I’ve come to appreciate this more and more throughout my career, since I’ve watched the market become exponentially saturated with guitar lessons from players of all different backgrounds. It’s very easy for learners to get overwhelmed, lost, misguided, and confused – I understand and can absolutely relate myself. The lack of structured, well-taught, and concise guidance is what halts many guitar players at an intermediate level for much longer than necessary. We all want to progress faster, including myself, and the most effective way to do this is to embark on lessons with a teacher that inspires you, and is not only an excellent guitar player, but also an excellent teacher.


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What Others are saying

Here are a few words from some of my students

Darryl is a great guy! Which is just as important, if not more important, than being a great player. I have grown a lot in the last 6 months from being under him and I look forward to growing even more!
Edward Napper
New York, USA
Nothing can replace having a 1-2-1 teacher and Darryl has helped me a tremendous amount in such a short time. I could never have made the same progress on my own.
Ross Rubin
London, UK
I have Skype lessons with Darryl twice a month and always look forward to our lessons. They're packed with useful knowledge and are always incredibly eye opening for me.
Joe Pascall
Los Angeles, USA
Very patient and knowledgeable teacher, not just one of the best guitar players on the planet but also a very good teacher who breaks things down simply and helps you work towards an achievable goal.
Jenha Mall
Birmigham, UK
Darryl is patient, detailed, and always helping you strive to become a better player while still having fun. He is the best teacher I've come across in years!
Sebastian Woolston
London, UK
Not only is Darryl a fantastic player, but also an incredible teacher. I've had lessons with multiple teachers but Darryl is a real keeper.
Michael Stiebitz
Hamburg, Germany

Plus many more testimonials all over my YouTube channel!

- FAQ -


I’m in AEST +10. The booking calendar will automatically align our timezones accordingly, so there’s no need for you to think about this.

How much does it cost?

Since I accept multiple currencies, you’ll need to select a date on the booking calendar to find out. A price will be presented after you’ve chosen a slot.


Of course, providing that you can give me considerate notice (24hrs+). Lessons cancelled with less than 24hrs notice may result in forfeiting your slot and is non-refundable.


I’m a respectable man, and if for some reason our lesson is interrupted because of unforeseen reasons, we can just try again another time without any fuss. This works both ways of course.


PayPal or Card payments are required after your booking has been confirmed.

DO you offer bulk-deals?

No. Everything I sell is priced at its best price. I believe that by offering deals, it suggests that a product is almost never sold at its true value.

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